Gas station owner frustrated with string of burglaries

Rockford police believe all three break-ins are connected
Rockford police say a string of three gas station burglaries are all connected.
Rockford police say a string of three gas station burglaries are all connected.(WIFR)
Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 8:49 PM CDT
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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Rockford police are asking for your help identifying suspects in a string of gas station burglaries on Monday and into Tuesday.

Predeep Jose has owned the BP gas station off of Rural and North Prospect street for five years. He says in that time, there’s been four burglaries.

“As a business owner it’s scary,” Jose said.

Jose was notified there was a break-in at his gas station shortly after 10 on Monday night. After checking security footage, he saw three men in his store.

“The guys that come do this kind of stuff is probably prepared for the worst,” Jose said. “So they are kind of all hooded up, dressed all in black, probably more like three kids is what it looks like.”

While the burglaries present safety concerns, Jose is more frustrated with how common place the break-ins have become.

“I’m just worried that, for mostly, there are customers that are around, glad it’s not a hold up or something but you know you’re just worried right now that something else is gonna be happening,” Jose said.

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara says violent crime activity in the community is not where it needs to be.

“The vast majority of crime, violent crime and property crime, people know about and individuals talking about it, an individual has seen something, an individual has heard something, and you don’t know what piece of that information is going to be really beneficial to the police,” McNamara said.

McNamara says business owners in the area can take preventative measures to avoid break-ins.

“Make sure that you have cameras and security and make sure that those cameras and security are working and functional and make sure that you’re checking them frequently to ensure that they are,” McNamara said. “Our police department has a great ability to go out and catch these individuals who commit these crimes once we have some of that evidence.”

Jose says around $200 worth of merchandise was stolen from his store. Police even found money scattered on the ground around the back of the building.

Rockford police are investigating the string of break-ins. They hope with help from the community, they can find the person or persons who committed the crimes.

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