Haley Jordan

Multimedia Journalist/Sports Reporter
Haley Jordan

I've always been a chatterbox and a performer at heart. I even wrote in my first grade journal that I wanted to be a journalist like my mom! In college, I was singing the National Anthem at a minor league soccer game and fell in love with the sports atmosphere.

I have an opportunity to be a creative storyteller every day, and no assignment is ever the same. There's always a different character or scenario. It is to seek the truth and report it to the best of our ability while maintaining a friendly yet professional relationship with our community.

I'm always watching or reading about sports or spending time outdoors. I love to hike, canoe and immerse myself in anything nature related. My dad and brother have taken great care of me! While it wasn't always fun living with all boys (including my cat Prince Henry), we sure had a wonderful time watching games. I am 1/2 Native American (25% Cherokee and 25% Navajo). I was Miss Indiana in 2017 and won the interview competition as well as the talent competition with singing.

My sweet momma was my best friend for 22 years. She passed away in Dec. 2020. She ALWAYS believed in my journalism career and spent many hours sharpening up my public speaking, teaching me how to write and also how to be organized. As a former journalist herself, I'm so thankful I inherited her journalism bug!


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DINNER ENTREE: Cheese ravioli with a side of buttery breadsticks, vanilla cake for dessert


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY AND WHY: Christmas! I LOVE spoiling friends and family with gifts and nice gestures. I'm not the best at wrapping, but it's the thought that counts, right?

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON AND WHY: My birthday is in June, so I'm extra partial to summer time. Plus, I enjoy weekends on the lake, reading books by the pool and of course, ice cream.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SPORT: To watch: football To play: soccer, volleyball and basketball are tied!

NAME THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE MOVIES: Remember the Titans, The Best of Me, Sleepover (a childhood favorite)

WHAT IS THE MOST DARING THING YOU’VE DONE: Cliff diving while studying abroad in the Dominican Republic!

  • Indiana University
  • Double major in Sports Broadcast Journalism and Spanish
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